Jay capone

is one off the most enduring,versatile , controversial and engaging
figures ever to emerge out of hip hop, having established himself
as a acclaimed rapper, actor and producer. Jay caught the rapbug on the
streets in New York breakdancing 
When a girl asked him if he could rap.
" I figured if she would feel my 
Rap , maybe she'll end up on my Lap "
recalls Jay.

Jay always wanted to be a Performer. After Hustling in the cold streets he
got exited by the Rap game ,He figured " If ya rap is strong ya can't go
wrong". By 1993 Jay met his Mentor/Pimpin coach Ice -T. After touring on
the Return off the Real tour and the Warped tour Jay Moved to Los Angeles
and joined Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate Team.He established himself as one of
the underground's best MC's and is respected by the legendary MC's as
Ice-T, Kool Keith,and Slick Rick.

Energized and inspired by the exchange of ideas with Ice-T and the other
members of the Rhyme Syndicate camp , Jay wrote and produced his first
Mixtape " I Represent The Game" together with Dre.He also worked with rappers
as Numskull ( Da Luniz),Slick Rick Coolio ,Bazaro, Ernie-C (Body Count),IMO,
D-Taz,Omar Santana and Tyson Beckford. Also he performed in the controvercial
video "Pimp" featuring Ice-T and Kool Keith.

Early 2000
Jay and his Crime partner Kool Keith got into studio and Recorded "Keep it Pimpin".
The track is on Jay's Album" Pornstar". Jay also recorded a track with his other pimp
partner Marc Live ( Marc Moog ) from the Analog brothers.Track is called "Bitch Killaz "

Jay's vocals are also sampled on several hardcore records.

As an ass.manager for Ice-T Jay learned a lot about the
Music/Movie Industrie and " pimped himself up". " Peep game and do the same"
he says. Now at top of the game Jay Capone is ready to drop his album .
" All Tricks No Treats".I did a movie and a T.V. shows , I rap on stage with my
home boys.I try to keep it real". He says.

Jay is currently working on a movie/label project and the first upcoming interactive
hardcore talkshow "Social Crack House".

Social Crack House

Featuring Horimyo & Marco Bratt

Hosted by Jay Capone aka Sergio Fuentez
Powered by Hate,Sex,Guns and Rock and Roll.